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Supply Chain
Management System

From details about the first contact with customers all the way up until invoicing, track and manage all sales activities with’s all-inclusive

The supply chain management system is the optimization of the product formation from the raw material to the final product including the logistics and the delivery processes. will permit you to plan and execute the processes to manage the movement of the items, information, financial capital activities including inventory and storage management, transportation, demand planning, production, and sourcing.

The software will permit you to perform the supply management in such a way that it will satisfy the requirements of the customers. presenting the complete solution for supply chain management. The software will help the retailers and the manufacturers to reduce

the excess inventory, the reduction in the inventory will also decrease the cost of production, shipping charges, insurance, and product storage charges. The main goal of the supply chain software is to improve the quality of the services. The software enables the manufacturers to produce the items as per demand in the market. The software is integrated and accessible over the cloud. is offering its complete services over the Cloud, being on the cloud the system becomes more flexible and accessible to everyone. The software is customizable, the customer can customize as per requirements.


The inventory management section deals with the tracking and availability of raw materials, stock, or spare parts availability. The supply management software lets the admin manage the assets, barcode integration, price forecasting, and inventory to be used in the future. The inventory management includes the entire process that includes the purchasing of inventory, storage of inventory, and utilizing the inventory to make products. The software keeps the track of the inventory. The admin can view the stats of the inventory. The admin can edit, delete or add inventory items to the inventory management section. The system is cloud-based which makes it quite feasible to use from remote locations


The section Warehouse management deals more precisely with the control of warehouse procedures. The system adds the details of the warehouse, including the items stored in the warehouse. The details that can be saved in the Warehouse management section such as materials, floor space, labor, and the operations protocols. The warehouse management saves the daily activities of the warehouse. The system is integrated that’s why the results are accessible to everyone using the supply chain management software. The admin adds the records in the warehouse section, the data in the warehouse section lets the admin evaluate the inventory or stock in the warehouse.


The procurement section is designed to include the purchasing, sourcing, and payable processes. The system adds the details about the purchasing items or the sourcing supplier.

The system permits the admin to add the credentials of the procurement attributes. The system is integrated so the results of the procurement section are directly influenced by the accounts and HR section of the software. The proper addition in the procurement section improves the cost control section, reduces costly errors, and improves the productivity of the business. The admin is responsible to add records to the system, the system is integrated and cloud-based. Addition or alteration in the system can be viewed by the admin.

Logistics and
Shipping Status

The section logistics and the shipping status is designed to record the details of the shipment, labeling, and labor management. The shipment status enables the admin to improve the delivery performance. The software allows you to add the details of the shipment or delivery credentials to the shipping status. The system generates alerts on the processing of the goods, the system identifies whenever there is a delay in the delivery. The section also includes the warehouse and storage facilities. The warehouse and storage facilities are helpful in the process of storing the goods properly in the warehouses. The supply chain management solution keeps the track of the goods stored in the warehouse, so this will let the admin updated about the inventory availability.


The forecasting section will assist the admin to predict the demands, supply, and making the pricing for the demands. The system permits the admin to forecast the demands and supply. The main benefit of forecasting helps the management to buy the exact amount of goods required. The system saves multiple data from the admin, the software saves the data. The system is integrated so the alerts are generated whenever any modification is made in the demand section. The forecasting section generates the reports and alerts so the admin can have an idea about the demand and supply of the product.


The section return management describes the handling of the damage and faulty items, processing the insurance, and refunds. The software deals with the management of the process involved in return management. The admin adds the details of the faulty or the damaged material in the system. The system creates alerts whenever there is any alteration in the software. The admin can add multiple records to the system, the system is capable of saving records. The return management provides an overview to the admin to check the stock availability, admin decides to add or reduce the stock after viewing this section.


The order management in the supply chain software addresses the scope of the orders. The software automates the purchase orders. The system permits the admin to generate and track the purchase orders. The system schedules the supplier deliveries and creates prices for them.

The admin can create multiple orders from the system, every order is generated with a unique identification code. The order can be tracked with the identification number. The system saves the record of the orders, the admin adds, modifies, and deletes the purchase orders whenever required. The section covers the entire process of order management, the software is integrated and cloud-based to get the purchase order entries from different sites.