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From details about the first contact with customers all the way up until invoicing, track and manage all sales activities with’s all-inclusive aims to provide simple yet comprehensive ERP solutions, and our sales management module is as thorough as it gets. In addition to recording all sales, our software goes above and beyond the sales management modules of traditional enterprise resource planning software by encompassing pipeline management software and lead tracking software, which track and store all information about possible leads and leads in the pipeline.’s sales management system’s five main sub-modules go further and simplify all sales-related activities to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. Each sub-module is integrated with the other sub-modules of the sales management system

as well as with the other modules of, in order to integrate all sales information and processes in one place. These sub-modules include the: Sales Quotation sub-module, Sales Order sub-module, Process Delivery sub-module, Sales Invoice sub-module, and Sales Return sub-module.

The five core sub-modules of’s sales management software, thus, record quotes and sales orders, process deliveries, generate invoices and manage returns. Tightly integrated with the customer relationship management module, the sales management module of not only makes it easy to manage sales but also helps increase customer retention and sales over time.

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Sales Quotation Sub-Module: The sales quotation sub-module of our sales management software lets you keep track of the quotations given for products and services. It allows you to input quotations given to specific clients for each product or service After having provided a sales quotation for a product or service, a client may choose to make a purchase, in which case a sales order will be placed. The sales management module allows you to submit sales orders and keep a database of all past orders. Each sales order lists all relevant information about the product or service, the price at which it is sold, the quantity sold, and the customer to whom it is sold. After a sales order has been placed, the process delivery sub-module enables you to process and track its delivery. From leaving your inventory to reaching its destination, you can track the delivery of your product through the process delivery sub-module. The sales invoices sub-module allows you to automatically generate and store sales invoices for sales concluded, eliminating human error and simplifying record-keeping. Digital invoices not only help eliminate paper and pave the path to a greener world, they help keep permanent records of your transactions. Besides simplifying initial sales, our sales management software also allows you to process the return of any items. Therefore, all sales information is stored in the sales management module.

Although’s sales management modules comprises five core sub-modules, we exist to make your life easier. Therefore, we offer to add additional sub-modules to your sales management software, remove any sub-modules you do not need, or introduce specific sub-modules and features that your business requires. Our sales management module is tailored to the distinct requirements of your industry and your business. Each module is designed to be unique to your company.’s sales management module integrates sales functions with the CRM lead management and CRM pipeline management functions of the customer relationship management module to ensure that all sales-related operations are integrated and automated. The CRM module records and manages all customer information and interactions with customers. Thus, in order to effectively manage sales, the sales management module works in conjunction with lead tracking software and pipeline management software.’s sales management software encompasses numerous benefits, including the following:

Integrated business procedures:

Results in integrated business procedures, therefore, automating processes, and simplifying communication and decision-making.

Strategic decision-making:

Allows strategic decision-making through forecasting and centralized information to improve and scale the business

Real-time information:

Provides real-time information about sales and customers to inform important business decisions

Sales forecasting:

Allows forecasting of sales by examining past trends to predict demand so that you can make smart decisions about production

Customer management:

Simplifies customer management by communicating with the CRM lead management system, allowing you to retain existing customers and make new connections

Ease of implementation:

Easy to implement in your workplace and easy to use for all regardless of their level of technical skill

Merging of departments:

Merges different departments such as accounting & finance, human resources, procurement, and sales so that all business processes and records and centralized and you can make informed business decisions

Therefore,’s sales management module allows you to effectively handle CRM pipeline management, predict sales, successfully manage inventory, and analyze and report important sales information. In addition, extensive sales information recorded by our sales record software affords you important insight into your interactions with customers, helping you improve your interactions to increase sales.

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