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Management System

Inventory management can affect the overall productivity and profitability, to overcome all the inventory management hurdles try an inclusive and affordable inventory management system. introduces the inventory management system to execute inventory management in the best way. The will permit you to avoid the pitfalls caused by using spreadsheets and all the errors that can be associated with it. The manual system will be carrying many mistakes and errors but the implementation of the will assist you to remove all these errors with perfection and an increase in productivity. The ERP system will integrate your inventory operations automatically.

You are open to managing all your operations from a single unit, this will make your inventory management effective, systematic, and sleek. systems can be customized with all levels of business industries but the ERP system is more qualified for large complex inventory projects. The systems are built to bring growth and efficiency to businesses. Inventory management is something more than only keeping a track of your stock. The inventory ERP system includes the departments and the details of the items and services, it also describes the best and suitable stock customer or partner option available in your stock.

Stock Items

The Stock item section will be showing the item’s stock available in the inventory. The is a supreme store management system that allows the user to search the stocked item on the basis of a brand name and category. The admin or inventory controller can search the item by simply selecting the brand and the category of the product. The system is capable of showing 10 results per search, the searching results can be maximized up to 100 items per search. The stock item will show you exactly what is available in the stock at the moment. The admin or the inventory controller can get the initial idea after visiting the stock item section.

Barcode and Labeling

Barcode and labeling are some of the smart features of the inventory system. The introduction of barcodes reduces the chances of error. Manual data processing cause errors but the scanning of the labels or barcode reduce the chances of error and improve productivity. The labeling and barcoding reduce the budget used for the training of the employees. Usually, its takes lots of time while recording the detail of the products but with the inventory barcoding, it will be done in no time.

Inventory Transfer

The inventory transfer lets you transfer stock from one warehouse to another. The inventory transfer includes the information of tracking number, transfer mode, warehouse from, warehouse to, and the brands. The transfer mode describes the possible path such as by air or by road. The admin can create multiple transfer records at a time, the inventory management software saves the records of the inventory transfer. The system is cloud-based so the transfer can be made from any of the remote sites. The system keeps the record of all transfers by different remote locations.

Inventory Report

Inventory reports display the stocked items into lists, the inventory tracking software shows the actual quantity of the item available in the stock. The items are listed with product name, quantity, and stock value. The admin can check the availability of any item by selecting the product name, product category along manufacturing brand. These reports are quite essential for the production perspective because it displays the real image of the items available in the stock so the company has a better idea about increasing or decreasing the quantity of some specific item or product. The admin generates these reports for the understanding of the stock availability or unavailability. The system is integrated so the results can be viewed by the other operators of the system.

Inventory Tracking inventory tracking will let you know all about what stock you have in your warehouse. The system is integrated with other operators of the system that will maximize the efficiency of the system. Inventory tracking will invite you to get a thorough knowledge about the stock you have. The system is integrated so the results are directly shipped to the desired department whenever there is any update or alteration in the stock. The inventory tracking produces accurate and exact numbers so the company can figure out easily what exactly they have in hand and what they need to update.

Goods Issue

The section goods issue of the splendid inventory management system elaborates the goods issued for a branch or warehouse to another. The system generates the lists of the goods issue and keeps a record of these lists. The admin can generate the goods issue reports, the system can generate multiple goods issue records at a time. The admin can view the whole record of the goods issue, the system is integrated it generates the automatic alerts to the desired department whenever there is any update in the lists. The good issue section is more critical in terms of stock management, the goods issue will disclose either some items need to be stocked or not.

Fixed Assets

The fixed assets section stores the results of the fixed assets of the organizations. The fixed assets are saved in the records on the information of product name, price, vendor, serial number, and expiry date. The admin can add multiple fixed asset records to the system. To add a record to the system the required information is asset name, date, credit account, an item used or new, vendor, branch, price, serial number, and warranty. The system permits you to add multiple records and whenever there is an update in the record it generates alerts to the system. The management of the fixed assets is quite critical because these assets can’t be transferred to cash easily, permits you to manage your fixed assets with ease!